Who Is Packsforuni.com?

Packsforuni.com is an online store based in Melbourne and Sydney that consists of optimum living essentials for┬ástudents who are studying abroad and don’t quite know where to buy their living essentials from. Packsforuni.com has been built for university students by university students to help those who want to move into their new student accommodation feeling at home.

We save the headaches and frustrations that are caused when you move into your new accommodation, so we’ve made things easier for you. Our pre-packed uni packs are hand picked by us, students who have experience moving into a new home abroad. Most importantly, we have ensured that our packs are affordable!

Not only can you select the packs you want, we have also included additional extras that consists of some prime items you may want. This includes external hard drives, USB drives, First Aid kits and more!

Feel free to browse our online store and check out our awesome range of packs and affordable options.

If you were to have any further questions, feel free to visit our FAQ page or contact us at info@packsforuni.com

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